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Office Milk Delivery Colchester


Fresh Office Milk for Colchester Offices

Office Milk Glass Bottles

We provide daily Monday to Friday deliveries of fresh, local milk to offices and workplaces across Colchester.

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Office Milk Delivery Colchester

We provide daily Monday to Friday deliveries of fresh, local milk to offices and workplaces across Colchester and surrounding areas, keeping food miles down.

Choose from daily or weekly delivery options, and enjoy substantial discounts for larger office milk delivery orders.

With our monthly retrospective invoicing, you only pay for what we actually deliver, ensuring complete transparency and cost-effectiveness.

We pride ourselves on offering a 100% flexible subscription model with no binding contracts.

We deliver in re-usable glass or recyclable poly bottles and can offer a wide variety of non-dairy milk alternatives such as Soya and Almond along with breakfast items, office fruit and groceries. 


Office Milk Delivery Poly Bottles
Office Milk Glass Bottles

Business Milk Deliveries

Picture this: You stroll into your office, fuelled by the promise of a new day, and what’s waiting for you in the break room? Not a coffee-stained mug and empty creamer carton, but a pristine supply of fresh, chilled milk delivered in an eco-friendly glass bottle!

It’s like a dairy oasis amidst the daily grind.

With our office milk deliveries, you can now conquer your morning coffee and cereal cravings without resorting to desperate supermarket runs in the rain.

No more curdled surprises in the communal fridge; just creamy, cool, and oh-so-refreshing milk whenever you need it. It’s the milkshake of workplace happiness, keeping you and your colleagues moo-ving smoothly through the workday. Cheers to the udderly delightful benefits of office milk deliveries! 🥛✨

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Workplace Milk Delivery Areas

Office Catering supply Office Fruit, Office Milk, Groceries and Snacks nationwide, including throughout Colchester and surrounding areas. Including the following areas and CO1, CO2,CO3,CO4,CO5,CO6 and CO7 postcodes.

  1. Colchester Town Centre: The town centre is a bustling commercial hub with a mix of retail shops, restaurants, cafes, and offices. It serves as the focal point for retail and entertainment in Colchester.

  2. Colchester Business Park: Located to the north of Colchester, this business park hosts a range of companies from various sectors, including technology, finance, and professional services.

  3. Severalls Industrial Park: Situated to the northeast of the town, Severalls Industrial Park accommodates a variety of businesses, including manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.

  4. Hythe Business Park: Positioned in the eastern part of Colchester, Hythe Business Park is home to numerous businesses, including office spaces, service providers, and technology companies.

  5. Tollgate Business Park: To the west of Colchester, Tollgate Business Park is a thriving commercial area with a mix of retail outlets, restaurants, and offices. It’s known for its retail and entertainment options.

  6. Axial Way Business Park: This industrial park is located on the eastern outskirts of Colchester and houses businesses engaged in manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.

  7. Westside Centre: Situated on the western side of Colchester, this retail and leisure complex features shopping outlets, dining options, and entertainment facilities.

  8. Colchester Northern Gateway: An area for future development, the Northern Gateway project aims to create a vibrant mixed-use area with housing, retail, and leisure facilities, making it an emerging business and residential district.

Your Milk Delivery Options

Our corporate office milk deliveries offer a variety of packaging options to cater to every office’s preferences. These options include reusable glass bottles and fully recyclable poly bottles.

We provide both traditional dairy milk and non-dairy alternatives like Soya, Almond, and Coconut milk, available in a range of sizes including pints, 1-liter, and 2-liters.

In addition, we offer the convenience of fresh juice deliveries, a delightful assortment of breakfast cereals, and the option to include office fruit in your deliveries.