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Introducing office catering with a delightful fruity twist! Our corporate fruit deliveries come in 100% plastic free recyclable boxes.
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Fruit for Schools

Purchasing Wholesale Fruit online offers an excellent opportunity to incorporate healthy alternatives into your students‘ diets. By providing a variety of fresh, nutritious options, you can significantly influence their eating habits, steering them towards a healthier lifestyle.

easy peel citrus

Easy Peel Citrus

Refresh your students with Easy Peel Citrus – Satsumas and Clementines. Seedless and effortless to peel, these mandarins are bursting with vitamins. The perfect and convenient to option to offer your students during a busy school day.




Fuel the minds and bodies of your students with our fresh, high-quality bananas, available at wholesale prices. Perfect for schools, these bananas provide a nutritious, convenient, and affordable snack option for students of all ages. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including potassium and vitamin C, bananas should be the top choice to ensure students remain focussed throughout the entire school day.

Red Apples


Provide your students with a convenient and delicious way to enjoy nutritious snacks with our Wholesale Apples. Sourced from trusted orchards and delivered at competitive prices, these apples are perfect for schools looking to promote healthy eating habits among students.

Benefits of Fruit for Schools

There are multiple benefits to introducing fruit into school settings that will positively impact students’ health, well-being and academic performance. The most significant benefit is the fact that fruits are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, which will guarantee the support of overall physical health and provide students with sustainable energy throughout the entire school day. 

Research has shown that regular consumption of fruit helps to strengthen immune systems, which in turn will reduce students’ absenteeism due to illness, promoting improved school attendance.  As well as this, incorporating fruits within students’ diets from an early age can help to potentially reduce the risk of obesity and related health issues later in life.

Overall, by providing nutritious choices to students at your school, you will help shape positive lifelong habits and promote their overall well-being.

Fruit and School Food Standards

By purchasing our Wholesale Fruit for the students within your school, it will guarantee that you are one step closer to meeting the requests of the School Food Standards published on the website.

Fruit for the Staff

Don’t forget about your staff!

When ordering fruit for your students, don’t forget to include an extra box each week for the staff room. Nutritious treats will help keep your staff energised and ready to support your students.

Check out our Office Fruit Boxes to provide your staff room with a diverse selection of fruit to cater to everyone’s tastes and needs.


Can you order a Customised Fruit Box?

Fruit deliveries are made Monday to Friday each week to all delivery areas via carbon neutral logistics.

All deliveries are made before midday with the majority arriving 8.00am to 10.00am