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Office Catering Nationwide

Office Catering Nationwide

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The personalised delivery service for offices, providing tailored deliveries of fruit, milk, and groceries to offices across the UK all with one retrospective monthly invoice.

Monthly Invoice | National Delivery

The personalised delivery service for offices, providing tailored deliveries of fruit, milk, and groceries to offices across the UK all with one retrospective monthly invoice.

Groceries for Offices

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50% off Office Fruit Deliveries for 4 weeks

Start your office fruit deliveries with office catering and we will give you a 50% discount for 4 weeks on a Seasonal or Favourites fruit box delivery. Quote 50for4 when ordering.

Manage your orders centrally or at site level and receive one consolidated invoice retrospectively each month – so you only pay for what you receive! 

We deliver our groceries to all major towns and cities from London, Manchester and Birmingham to Warrington, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Check your postcode here.

Simplify the grocery shop for the office with Office Catering with national multi-site deliveries to keep your offices and workplaces stocked with fresh food and supplies throughout the day.

Whether you’re a small business with one office or a large corporation with multiple locations, Office Catering can help make your grocery shopping easy, cutting down on admin and help keep the workplace running smoothly.

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Making your weekly grocery shop for the office easy with one retrospective monthly invoice for all sites!

Need a regular office fruit or grocery delivery for your office? Want to ensure your national workforce has a consistent supply of office fruit and office milk? We can take care of everything, making your weekly grocery shop easy — from sourcing ethical produce to delivering it directly to your premises on a regular basis.

A good grocery delivery service for offices requires know-how, contacts and a personalised approach. That’s why we assign every client their own dedicated office food specialist to take care of everything and make your life that little bit easier. Contact us today to find out more.

Top Picks in Office Drinks

Keep your workforce happy, satisfied and productive with customised office fruit deliveries from our partner Eatfruit.

Office Coffee Supplies

In partnership with sustainable coffee producers like Jasper’s Coffee, we keep the UK’s office workforce fully supplied with a range of hot drinks.

Get office milk when you need it — direct from the dairy. Fresh milk delivered directly to your office cuts out the retailer and reduces your business’s carbon footprint.

Gluten Free Snack Box- 20

Keep office-based munchies at bay for a happier, more productive workforce. Our healthy office snacks include options for vegans, vegetarians, and allergy sufferers — and they’re all delivered directly to your premises.

Office Kitchen Milk Dispenser

Give your workforce access to fresh, sustainably sourced dairy milk without the hassle. Our chilled office milk dispensers will provide your business with instant access to the white stuff.

Printed Coffee Cups

Turn every office lunch or coffee break into a marketing opportunity with branded coffee cups and food packaging.

Groceries for Offices

Keep your employees well-fed with a supply of fresh and nutritious pantry supplies — delivered right to your door. We supply cereals, cereal bars, oats, porridge and a variety of foods guaranteed to kick-start the perfect working day.

Coffee Machines for Catering

Create the perfect cup of coffee every time — and boost your workplace productivity and morale levels in the process. Our premium, commercial-grade coffee machines are available to buy or hire.

Top Picks in Groceries For The Office

Office Catering for Happier, More Productive Workers

For high-quality groceries, fruit, milk, snacks and office lunches, you can rely on Office Catering to deliver.

Why Choose Office Catering for Food and milk Deliveries?

When you choose us for your office grocery supplies, you get a range of benefits:

Fast and affordable delivery to companies and offices across the UK

✔  Consolidated invoices — manage your business’s office food deliveries centrally

✔  Office food — delivered to all major towns and cities in the UK

✔  The complete food delivery service

✔  Options for allergy sufferers, vegetarians and vegans

✔  Sustainable foods from ethical suppliers

At Office Catering, we’re on a mission to feed the UK’s office-based workforce. That’s why we’ve teamed up with suppliers and delivery partners across the country to provide workers with a range of healthy, fresh and nutritious office snacks, fruits, drinks and grocery items.

Whether you want to open an office food delivery account or you’re searching for interesting office lunch ideas. We want to hear from you!

Office Fruit Basket - Seasonal Mix With Map

We’re on a mission to create a fast and affordable food delivery service for offices across the UK. At Office Catering, we believe all office workers should have access to healthy and nutritious fruit, foods, drinks and snacks.

That’s why we’re committed to providing only the finest office milk, office foods and office drinks — supplied in conjunction with our trusted suppliers.

Office Catering make food and grocery delivery for offices a quick, simple and affordable option for businesses of all sizes. And we do it in a way that’s kind to the environment. But at the heart of everything we do is the health of Britain’s workforce. 

By providing nutritious food to workplaces across the country, we’re playing an important role in the nation’s health and workplace productivity levels.

We are determined to give the businesses of the UK access to fast and efficient office food deliveries. And to help us achieve that goal, we’ve teamed up with some of the country’s most respected service providers. 

Whether we’re delivering apples and oranges with the help of Eatfruit or supplying fresh milk in conjunction with Drinkmilk, we’re able to keep the nation’s workforce fed and hydrated while upholding our ethical and environmental principles.

Our Office Food Delivery Clients

We’re playing a leading role in the feeding and hydrating of the UK’s office-based workforce. When it comes to food and groceries for offices, we’re supplying some of the country’s leading businesses large and small.

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