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The Best Office Fruit Company

Who is the best office fruit company in the UK?

The Best Office Fruit Company?

Here is our view. As with all procurement in a modern business environment a number of factors are at play with regards to the procurement decisions. Everything from sustainability to how employees are treated and paid. Reliable service at the very best prices is now often assumed as a pre-requisite and rightfully so. 

Eatfruit offer fruit that is ethically sourced and as a business operates in a fair manner paying all stakeholders a fair price for the produce purchased and paying all staff the living wage. In addition to this the business operates at near zero waste.  In addition, any excess fruit or wonky fruit is donated to local food banks and charities. Also, deliveries can be made Nationally and this is via carbon neutral logistics. That’s why we think Eatfruit is the Best Office Fruit company in the UK. 

Why Are Wicker Fruit Baskets Bad?

Eatffruit have chosen to deliver fruit in boxes which are fully recyclable, double as an attractive display case and are printed with eco-friendly ink. They do not deliver in wicker fruit baskets. The reason for this is that they are often re-used between companies and can represent a challenge to clean. Indeed, the Food Standards Agency advised not to use wicker fruit baskets for picnics. Read more. (1)

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Office Fruit Reviews

Take the time to read some of the reviews from this business and you will gain a good sense of the business. Here you will find quotes like “Friendly service, quick delivery, perfect packaging, delicious fruit ” 11 Oct 2022 and “Fantastic fruit boxes !!” 6 Apr 2021 jump out. Indeed the company now has over 100 positive reviews on Trustpilot alone.

Local or National?

Many peoples automatic response when posed with this question is to say they want to buy local however this is often not the best solution. Purchasing from a national customer can often provide a solution that is better for the environment whilst reducing food miles when taking into consideration the full supply chain. Also, to say buying nationally does not support the local economy is also floored as the product is inevitably delivered by someone local.   

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