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Making our office a healthy one!

Peter Eating Fruit

Thanks to Pete@BrandedCups……

At Branded Cups we are all about sustainability, it’s what we do. We reduce plastic waste by providing our team with re-usable, custom printed cups. 

Recently, we’ve experienced a delightful transformation in the office since incorporating weekly fruit deliveries from office-catering.co.uk into our routine. Gone are the days of mundane office snacks and unhealthy indulgences. Instead, we eagerly anticipate the assortment of bananas, apples, pears, and our personal favourite, grapes, that arrives like clockwork.

The benefits extend far beyond mere convenience. Our team has noticed a marked improvement in our overall health and well-being since embracing this nutritious alternative. No longer do we find ourselves engaged in the daily struggle over the last piece of chocolate; now, it’s the last grape that sparks friendly competition.

What sets office-catering.co.uk apart is their commitment to sustainability. Just as we prioritise eco-friendly practices with our branded cups, office-catering.co.uk always puts the environment and the planet first.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the entire team at office-catering.co.uk, including our dedicated delivery driver, Ian, for their exceptional service and dedication to promoting a healthier workplace.

Join us in embracing this brilliant concept by contacting office-catering.co.uk today. Discover the convenience and freshness of office fruit deliveries, along with optional add-ons like milk, healthy snacks, and even flowers. Trust us; it’s a decision you won’t regret!

Peter – Branded Cups Ltd 



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