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Office Fruit Deliveries in Birmingham

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We provide daily Monday to Friday deliveries of fresh, seasonal fruit to offices and workplaces across Birmingham, all carried out using carbon-neutral logistics.

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What's in a box? Seasonal Fruit Box for Office.

Birmingham Corporate Fruit Boxes

With proven wellbeing benefits a regular Corporate Office Fruit Basket delivery is a great way, low cost way to show your team that you care in your Birmingham office.

Colourful, tasty and packed with nutrients, our fruit selections offer a healthy alternative to sugary snacks. 

Discover a wide variety of different fruits with our 50 portion Favourites fruit box which includes apples, easy peel citrus, bananas, pears and plums. Alternatively, opt for the 50 portion Seasonal Fruit basket with added Grapes or Berries and a wider selection of fruits that change throughout the year.


Fresh Fruit for Birmingham Offices

We provide daily Monday to Friday deliveries of fresh, seasonal fruit to offices and workplaces across Birmingham, all carried out using carbon-neutral logistics.

Choose from daily, weekly, or fortnightly delivery options, and enjoy substantial discounts for multiple fruit basket orders. With our monthly retrospective invoicing, you only pay for what we actually deliver, ensuring complete transparency and cost-effectiveness.

We pride ourselves on offering a 100% flexible subscription model with no binding contracts. Plus, as partners with some of the UK’s top office fruit basket companies, we frequently offer more competitive pricing than purchasing directly from them.


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Office Fruit Delivery Areas

Office Catering supply Office Fruit, Office Milk, Groceries and Snacks nationwide, including throughout the Birmingham area. 

We make office fruit deliveries throughout Birmingham Monday to Friday. 

  1. Jewellery QuarterInteresting Fruit Fact: The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham is home to more than 100 specialist retailers selling jewelry. Did you know that some fruits, like the pomegranate, have been used for centuries as jewelry components, with their seeds resembling precious gemstones?
  2. Birmingham Business District (CBD)Interesting Fruit Fact: The Birmingham Business District is known for its towering skyscrapers. If you stacked apples from the ground to the height of the tallest building in the district, you would need over 41,000 apples!
  3. DigbethDigbeth is a hub for creative businesses. Bananas are a favourite snack among artistsand designers, providing a quick energy boost due to their high potassium content.
  4. Birmingham Science Park Aston (BSPA)Interesting Fruit Fact: The Birmingham Science Park is all about innovation. The world’s first barcode, invented in 1974, was used to label a pack of Wrigley’s chewing gum. It’s like giving a unique ID to each piece of fruit!
  5. Birmingham Airport and NEC AreaInteresting Fruit Fact: Birmingham Airport handles millions of passengers each year. Mangoes, known for their sweet and exotic flavor, are one of the most internationally traveled fruits, just like the passengers at the airport.
  6. Birmingham Wholesale MarketInteresting Fruit Fact: Birmingham Wholesale Market is a hub for fresh produce. Oranges are not only delicious but also a significant source of Vitamin C, which can help boost the immune system—a particularly useful fruit fact in a wholesale market!
  7. Longbridge Technology ParkInteresting Fruit Fact: Longbridge Technology Park is known for its automotive heritage. The avocado has a connection to the automobile industry as well. The term “carburetor” is derived from “carb” (short for carburetor) and “avocado” because of its shape resembling a carburetor’s butterfly valve.
  8. Birmingham Creative and Media Quarter

    Interesting Fruit Fact: Creativity often thrives on inspiration, and blueberries are considered a “brain food” because they contain antioxidants that may improve cognitive function and boost creativity—perfect for the creative minds in this quarter.

Your Fruity Options

Explore our diverse selection of Seasonal Fruit Baskets. Our “Favourites” blend typically features a delightful combination of Apples, Pears, Plums, Bananas, and Easy Peel Citrus. Alternatively, you can opt for our “Seasonal” fruit mix, which includes all of the aforementioned fruits along with Grapes or Berries, as well as delightful seasonal additions like Lychee, Dates, and Blood Oranges.